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No more than sugar pills?

Below is a copy of a letter sent by Michael Pook to ‘The Times’ in response to the latest media coverage about the threat of withdrawal of NHS funding for Homeopathy. The homeopathic contribution of the NHS has always been greatly valued and respected by those fortunate enough to avail themselves of it. Over recent years, however, Continue reading »

Homeopathy Offer

Is Homeopathy for you? Book a FREE half hour consultation with Lindsay Newton on a Tuesday or Friday to discuss how Homeopathy may help you. Call 0115 9472263 to book an appointment.

Swine ‘Flu’

It is difficult to know how to approach this current wave of the ‘flu’ virus since so much of the picture is hyped up by the media. One wonders, too, whether this is the awaited opportunity for disposing of vast stocks of Tamiflu before it passes its sell-by date.  Nevertheless, I should try to throw Continue reading »

Homeopathic Disease Prevention

HOMEOPATHIC DISEASE PREVENTION We are led to believe by a certain small, but influential contingent that homeopathy as a method of treatment is unproven and therefore not to be encouraged. The evidence, however, is very much to the contrary but this is not the place for us to set out a defence of homeopathy as Continue reading »

By way of recommendation!

“Michael has been an inspiration. Since taking a course he was running in 1988 I have been a convert to homeopathy and it has kept me going both physically and mentally through difficult times. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a most understanding and compassionate person in whom I have the utmost confidence”. Continue reading »

Hope for ME Sufferers?

Hope for ME Sufferers? by Pauline Walters MA, KFRP, Dip FCT, Kinesiologist & Field Control Therapist Most readers will be familiar with the illness chronic fatigue and ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and will probably know someone who has been diagnosed with either of these debilitating conditions. Sufferers frequently report flu-like symptoms in the first instance, including Continue reading »

A New Dimension in Healing

A New Dimension in Healing by Michael Pook BA(Hons) Dip Ed, DO, DIHom, FBIH, MMSM(MT) In 1984 the Nobel Laureate, Carlo Rubbia, made the point, ‘.. that matter is less than a billionth part of the universe as we see it. The rest is pure energy, resonating, interacting and forming information fields.’ Let us investigate this Continue reading »