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The Castle Clinic

COVID 19 ~ Coronavirus

The Castle Clinic is open to patients by previous arrangement for booked appointments.  All staff and Practitioners continue to follow Government guidelines regarding hygiene and hand-washing together with guidance from their Registering Bodies.

Arrival At Clinic

  • Please arrive “just in time” for your appointment as we have a “one in – one out” policy in place. Late arrival may mean we are unable to honour your appointment.
  • Please read the notices on the door before pressing the intercom.
  • We have a limited waiting area for those with mobility difficulties. If you need assistance please mention this when booking an appointment.
  • The appointment is for YOU alone – if assistance is required ONE carer / interpreter will be allowed to accompany you.
  • There is a hand sanitiser dispenser in the hall & upstairs reception area.
  • There are no toilet facilities available.
  • There are no refreshment facilities available.
  • Please ‘check-in’ to the venue via the Government ‘Track & Trace Covid App’ if possible.

Infection Control

  • If you are visiting clinic in person, you will be asked to confirm you have no symptoms/recent contacts with anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive for Covid 19.
  • You should wear a mask, or similar, covering your nose & mouth for the duration of your visit.
  • Only bring things which are essential for your treatment.  Please avoid bringing bags / shopping etc.  You will be asked to place belongings in a receptacle during your treatment.
  • Practitioners will be wearing PPE as advised by their regulatory body, e.g. mask / visor, disposable gloves & apron.
  • All surfaces will be cleaned before & after each patient
  • Rooms will be ventilated between patients.
  • If asked, please bring a towel to your appointment.
  • There is on-going increased cleaning & we ask that you be patient whilst this takes place.

For appointments with Michael Pook for Homeopathy please refer to the following page:

Appointments with Arianne Clarke for Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Bionic Photon Therapy, Reiki and Chrystal Therapy will recommence from Thursday 3rd December 2020.  Appointments must be booked in advance with Arianne.

For further information please refer to the following page:

In clinic you will now be greeted by a member of staff wearing a face-shield &/or mask and we ask that all visitors do the same for the benefit & safety of everyone.

   Sian wearing a face-shield & mask.