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Can homeopathy help my Eczema?
As with all complementary therapies it is not just your ailment that is considered with Homeopathy but you as a whole person and your life style.  By understanding your body it is possible to treat the causes of imbalance which manifest themselves in conditions such as Eczema.  As with all branches of medicine there are no guarantees offered, but many patients have experienced relief.
Which therapy do I need?
It must be your own decision which therapy you choose to treat your condition because it is YOUR BODY. Here at The Castle Clinic the practitioners are happy to discuss your needs and let you know how their therapy works and what you can expect from their treatment.
Do you sell Gift Vouchers?
Yes we do supply Gift Vouchers, particularly for Massage Treaments with Lesley Matthews. Give a special gift this Christmas – the chance for a loved one to             ♦ de-stress                         ♦de-tox and                                     ♦de-scover(!*)     WOW!!                                                 - a new and balanced body for 2009!!   Our stylish gift vouchers will add that extra special touch to their Christmas stocking……
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What can I expect from a visit?
When you visit an osteopath for the first time a full case history will be taken and you will be given an examination. The osteopath will then use a highly developed sense of touch, called palpation, to identify any points of weakness or excessive strain throughout the body. The osteopath may need additional investigations such as x-ray or blood tests. This will allow a full diagnosis and suitable treatment plan to be developed for you.
Can Osteopathy Help Me?
Osteopathy is an established system of clinical diagnosis and manual treatment recognized by the British Medical Association. It is an effective and safe manual therapy that treats a large number of different muscle and joint conditions. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica or sports injuries then osteopathy can help.
How is osteopathy regulated?
All osteopaths must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council. This statutory body regulates the training and regulates and protects the professional activities of all osteopaths in the UK.