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We are led to believe by a certain small, but influential contingent that homeopathy as a method of treatment is unproven and therefore not to be encouraged.

The evidence, however, is very much to the contrary but this is not the place for us to set out a defence of homeopathy as a whole. Our concern here is to bring to the attention of the general public the valuable research done by Dr Isaac Golden in the field of homeopathic immunisation. He has written a number of books1, 2, 3 and articles on the subject which he has thoroughly researched over a number of years. For his research, which began in 1986 and completed in 2004, undertaken at the Graduate School of Integrated Medicine, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia, he was awarded his PhD on Homeopathic Prophylaxis.

The conclusion he has reached is that homeopathic prophylaxis is effective for both short and long term use and is comparable to vaccination in offering protection in the region of 90.4% without the risks associated with vaccinations. Bear in mind that there is nothing that can offer 100% protection against infectious disease!

In the early days of homeopathy Hahnemann used belladonna as a preventative for scarlet fever, aconite for a form of purpura miliaris and cuprum met for the prevention of cholera, with excellent results

In recent times, a homeopathic nosode of leptospira was used, prepared by the Finlay Institute, in the 200th potency with 2.4 million people in Cuba. The epidemiology surveillance after the intervention showed a dramatic decrease of morbidity two weeks afterwards and a reduction to zero mortality of hospitalised patients. In 2008 a 10M potency was used following the hurricane “Ike” and no deaths from leptospirosis were recorded amongst the 2.2 million people protected.

Dr Golden has his own programme of immunisations for children over an 84 month period and homeopaths familiar with Dr Golden’s research will be able to assist parents who wish to exercise their own judgement on the protection they desire for their children.

Dr Golden’s web site is:


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