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A New Dimension in Healing

A New Dimension in Healing by Michael Pook
BA(Hons) Dip Ed, DO, DIHom, FBIH, MMSM(MT)

In 1984 the Nobel Laureate, Carlo Rubbia, made the point,

‘.. that matter is less than a billionth part of the universe as we see it. The rest is pure energy, resonating, interacting and forming information fields.’

Let us investigate this energy further.

Over half a century earlier, an American neurologist Albert Abrams, lecturer in pathology at Stamford UniversityCalifornia, when conducting a physical examination on a patient observed that as he was tapping this patient’s abdomen, the resonant note went dull when someone turned on a nearby X-ray machine.

He later observed that the same dull note was obtained when he carried out his examination on a cancer patient and that in both the above incidents the observation was only true if the patient was orientated east-west.

He next invented a machine which he called a Reflexophone. He used this in place of abdominal percussion. The machine emitted a note the pitch of which varied in the presence of diseased tissue so much so that he was able to identify different diseases by the pitch of the note. Then, by adding resistors to the machine, he could tell how advanced the disease process was.

Further progress was made when he discovered that this was all possible by simply testing a specimen of the patient’s blood, hair or urine, without the patient being present.

This interaction of a person’s energy with the energy of the disease-process led Abrams to realise that it was the frequency of some unknown radiation from a quinine molecule that exactly cancelled out the emanations from the blood of a malarial patient.

He reasoned that if a machine could be made to broadcast the appropriate frequency then this could alter the characteristics of a patient’s diseased tissue and effect a cure.

This led on to the emergence of a machine called the Emanometer, invented by a homeopathic doctor called William Boyd. With it he was able to diagnose and to select an appropriate homeopathic remedy by using a sample of blood or hair from a patient. This is essentially the Radionics machine we have today.

In the field of orthodox medicine the essence of Abram’s idea over half a century ago led to the concept of cyclotron resistance and the development of the MRI scanner.

These ideas open up a whole new world in our understanding of healing and disease. They offer, too, an answer as to why homeopathy works as we grasp the idea that by the use of energy we can restore a harmonious picture in a disturbed energy field and as a result become well again.

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