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No more than sugar pills?

Below is a copy of a letter sent by Michael Pook to ‘The Times’ in response to the latest media coverage about the threat of withdrawal of NHS funding for Homeopathy.
The homeopathic contribution of the NHS has always been greatly valued and respected by those fortunate enough to avail themselves of it. Over recent years, however, homeopathy has sustained a concerted and unrelenting attack by a small group of dogmatists.

I am saddened to see that such people allow their fundamentalist philosophy to consume so much of their time and effort. A large number of us are not convinced that their motivation is the well-being of the patient, nor does their obsession answer for us such questions as:

·         Why the so called ‘placebo effect’ of homeopathy breaks down when a remedy is ill chosen.
·         Why animals respond so well and so quickly to carefully selected homeopathic remedies.
·         How we are to account for the very large number of detailed remedy pictures built up over many years in the Homeopathic Materia Medica.
·         Why the researches, including statistically significant random double blind trials, reported regularly in ‘Homeopathy’, the Journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy, are apparently ignored.
·         What the French have to gain by requiring their doctors to qualify either in homeopathy or aromatherapy before they can practise.
·         Why the effects of minute doses of a substance are accepted, provided they are not associated with homeopathy. E.g a recent article in ‘The Times’ reported that a dog can detect a teaspoonful of sugar in a million gallons of water. We are told that, the repeated administration of minute traces of peanut can reduce the sensitivity of those with a peanut allergy.

Science advances when minds are kept open. Although the amount the Health Service sets aside for homeopathy is comparatively small it would be a sad thing if the NHS lost its homeopathic input to the health of the nation as a result of the influence of a small group of dogmatists.

Michael Pook, Nottingham – (Member:- Action for Homeopathy)
Note ~ if you wish to help save the NHS Homeopathic Hospitals then read on.

How you can help:
1. Write to your MP asking him or her to sign the Early Day Motion (EDM) 908 Contact them at:
2. Write to the Secretary of State for Health, The RT Hon Andy Burnham MP to seek assurance that the recent report from the Science & Technology Committee will not be used by PCTs to justify decommissioning homeopathy and stop doctors referring patients to the Homeopathic Hospitals.
With your help those who are fortunate enough to receive Homeopathic Treatment on the NHS might continue to benefit and it will remain available to others too in the future.