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Michael D Pook

BA(Homs) DipEd, DO, DIHom RHom, MARH

Following the traditional homoeopathic consultation, a radionic analysis of the hair is undertaken to identify specific problems and to confirm the selected homoeopathic remedies.

What does it do?
The principle of homeopathy is to stimulate the body to help itself.

How safe is it?
It is generally very safe to take, being free from ill effects or side effects. This is because it is “essentially” an energy medicine stimulating an appropriate response from the body. It may initially aggravate symptoms before the healing response begins. In such instances, the next dose should be postponed until the aggravation has subsided.

Is it compatible with orthodox medicine?
Normally one continues with one’s existing medication until such time as health is restored. It is your doctor who needs to make the decision as to whether the medicine he/she prescribes is still required once you’re feeling better.

Can homeopathy help everything?
It can work very effectively in many circumstances where ordinary medicine has failed but there are conditions where a cure may not be possible and only pallation can be expected.

How much treatment is likely to be needed?
Some patients may recover quickly with only two or three visits but there are cases where careful treatment over a couple of years or so may be necessary. Normally you will need to report for evaluation on a monthly basis. In treatment over a number of years this interval frequently extends to two or three months towards the conclusion of the treatment.

Case review
This will be done at your next appointment except in cases when you have been asked to ring in.


The homeopathic approach involves an assessment of the patient’s needs in the light of their symptoms, personality and temperament.

The radionic computer is then used to identify the major areas of weakness, e.g. liver, gall bladder, kidneys, stomach etc. A hair sample is generally used to arrive at these readings. The homeopathic remedies are selected in the light of the traditional consultation but double checked by means of the radionics computer.

Progress towards recovery is evaluated both by means of the patient’s report and by fresh readings from the computer.

The advantage of this approach over and against the homeopathic consultation alone is that the possibility of selecting an inappropriate remedy is reduced and you get a very clear picture of exactly what progress has been made towards recovery.

As far as possible, avoid handling the tablets. Store the remedy away from heat, sunlight and strong odours.

To be chewed in a clean mouth – NOT to be taken with water – and to be taken away from food, drink or smoking. Avoid coffee and mint flavours as the strong flavour will antidote the remedy. However, if you are already drinking more than 4 cups a day you should cut it down gradually. “Weleda” has a range of peppermint free toothpastes suitable for users of homeopathic remedies (available at this clinic). Aromatherapy oils can also antidote a remedy.

A single tablet of 30 (potency) or higher will often stimulate a response in the body which will continue for about a month and, despite ups and downs through this period, its action should not be interfered with by additional remedies or by aromatherapy oils.

If a remedy does you good, it does not follow that a repeat prescription will help again. The remedy may have done its work and you may need another to supplement its action.

The total approach is unusual but can be amazingly accurate and helpful in skilled hands.