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Swine ‘Flu’

It is difficult to know how to approach this current wave of the ‘flu’ virus since so much of the picture is hyped up by the media.

One wonders, too, whether this is the awaited opportunity for disposing of vast stocks of Tamiflu before it passes its sell-by date.  Nevertheless, I should try to throw off this Victor Meldrew syndrome and take a reasoned view.

I would like, initially, to look at the report of Dr Isaac Golden on the effect of a homeopathic immunisation used in Cuba against Leptospirosis.  In 2007, 2.½ million were immunised against this parasitic infection with Leptospirosis in the 200 homeopathic potency and deaths dramatically fell.  In 2008 2.¼ million were immunised in the 10m potency and of these who developed Leptospirosis there were no deaths.  Agreed this is protection against a parasite and not a virus, however, I suggest that there is no complete protection against this current strain of ‘flu’ but that a 10m homeopathic potency dose now and another at the onset of the autumn night would be very beneficial.

We have the necessary tablets here at the Clinic at the present time. The fee is £8 per person.

Last changed: Jan 06 2010 at 2:25 PM