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Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is an energy healing system which works on the energies around the body to balance out the emotions and physical fields of the body. Consequently after a treatment you will feel relaxed and calm and the treatment usually induces a deep and relaxing night’s rest. The treatment consists of you lying down in a comfortable position. I will lay crystals on or around your body and work on the energies of your body.

Around the body are seven energy fields vibrating at a corresponding colour and these correspond to major nerve plexus in the body and then these are connected to an endocrine gland. A crystal of a certain colour will be placed on these points so you will have seven crystals on the body. Each crystal will be charged and the energies will be passed into the body. After a treatment it is advisable to have a quiet day and not plan anything too active or stressful.

We currently have the following crystal therapy practitioner:

Arianne Clarke


Arianne is in clinic on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.