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Arianne is in clinic on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is the name given to the treatment which involves massaging the feet or the hands following the principle that precise areas of the feet or hands can be related to particular areas of the body. These are called the reflex zones.

The earliest recorded form of this therapy can be found on a tomb drawing of an ancient Egyptian dated 2330BC. However reflexology practised nowadays is indebted to Eunice Ingham who became the main pioneer of this therapy in the last century.

What Does Treatment Involve?
The treatment involves either lying down or sitting in a reclining position with the feet well supported and raised to a height which is both comfortable for you and supports the body. Pressure, which is firm but not painful, is applied to the whole foot as I work on the precise reflex areas. This will bring about the balancing of both the emotional and physical levels and keep the body in good working order.

About Arianne
I’ve been practising Reflexology for 16 years and I find it as exciting and interesting as when I first started, the feet do tell all about you. It is an amazing and relaxing therapy.

Telephone the Castle Clinic on 0115 9211455 to arrange an appointment.