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louisa_leraLouisa Lera


Master Practitioner TPM

Want to know more about instructing the inner mind to repair both mind and body?

Have a problem and don’t know where to turn? Tried all sorts of approaches but still not right?

Someone once said, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.’

Isn’t it time to try something new? Something unique which has solved all manner of things when nothing else has helped.

Make time for TPM!

What is TPM?

Using new techniques to educate and communicate with all levels of the mind, TPM can bring about change within the mind and body.

TPM works naturally, teaching your mind and body ways to resolve even deeply seated issues ‘on its own’ and often permanently.

Unlike therapy/counselling it doesn’t involve exploring past upsets, yet can help resolve old hurts and injuries whilst you the client, remain relaxed and in control.

The unconscious mind is taught to identify, neutralise and adjust unwanted ways of thinking about problems. Some creative visualisation may be used to enhance well-being.

Three sessions are recommended to consolidate and integrate resultant improvements.

The Engineering Model
This is one of the most exciting aspects of TPM, and the approach which has produced amazing healing of physical problems, for example, head and spinal injury, stroke damage, high blood pressure, back problems, chronic pain and so much more.

Talking gently as you sit comfortably, communication is established with the unconscious mind which governs your body even when asleep, for example, your breathing.

The unconscious mind is asked to locate the area that needs restoring to full function, and to rebuild the affected parts according to the original physical ‘blueprint’ of the body – a bit like the ‘restore’ or ‘go-back’ facility on a computer.

TPM has been developed over 30 years by educator Robert Fletcher of Utah, who trained Louisa to Master Practitioner level.

In short TPM offers a sophisticated modality of health intervention to restore ‘mind-body balance’ and optimum health in a comfortable relaxed environment.

TPM has been found to be helpful for many problems, including:

  • persisting effects of injury (recent or in the past) e.g. head injury, spinal injury, fractures and scarring.
  • mental problems such as bi-polar disorder, depression.
  • unresolved grief and sadness
  • long standing physical symptoms including, e.g IBS and indigestion.
  • womens problems including fertility issues.
  • Relaxation and visualisation are also employed.

A Client Comments
‘I tried TPM to help resolve neck pain; this had been worsening for several years until eventually I could only sleep flat on my back. Any movement would cause numbness and tingling in my hands. Surgery didn’t make a great deal of difference.

A week after my first session of TPM with Louisa I found my neck movement was a lot easier and I was able, for the first time in many years, to sleep lying on my side with no problems. The neck pain has gone and i’ve got full movement of my neck again, something I didn’t think would be possible.

TPM is very relaxing and painless – and worth a try!’

Mrs G B (former midwife)

To explore without obligation how Thought Pattern Management could help with your problem, call: 0115 921 1455 or 0115 947 2263.